KSBY Features Drayson Center Seniors

By Larry Kidder | Senior Wellness Program member Heinz Lindsor demonstrates his amazing flexibility at 80 years of age for representatives from KSBY News, which covers California's Central Coas

Drayson Center in the Winter

By Larry Kidder | Drayson Center on a cold winter's day … You may see photos like the one above used to represent Loma Linda University Health from time to time.

Drayson Center Over the Holidays

By Larry Kidder | To borrow from a familiar Christmas song, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" at Drayson Center. A festive wreath will greet members over the coming weeks.

Cyber Monday Sale Extended Through Friday

By Larry Kidder | Some great deals on Drayson Center services and community memberships will be available December 2-4. But you won't find them at the Membership Office.

Caffeine and the Sleep Sandwich

By Larry Kidder | This woman may be suffering from "Caffeine Use Disorder," an official syndrome described in the DSM-5.

It All Happened on a Thursday Night at Drayson Center

By Larry Kidder | Three major activities are taking place in this photo: (to the right) The Students for International Mission Service (SIMS) "International Night," featuring students who have

Senior Scam Stopper Seminar Coming to Drayson

By Larry Kidder | Senior citizens in the U.S. are more likely to fall prey to scammers than other demographic. A seminar at Drayson Center, co-sponsored by Assemblymember James C.