Expectations for Members and Guests at Drayson Center

Members and guests are required to follow all Drayson Center policies and procedures for the safety and consideration of both members and guests alike, as well as the preservation of facilities and equipment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any policies and/or procedures, feel free to contact us at 909-558-4975. All policies and procedures are subject to change at the discretion of administration.

PLEASE NOTE: The policies listed below are the latest versions and are currently in effect. Since documents "live forever" on the World Wide Web, any policies other than the ones below are no longer in effect. In addition, older articles listed in our "News" section may give details that are concurrent with their writing—such as pricing or other information. Again, the current prices are listed on this website or at mydrayson.llu.edu. Prices listed elsewhere in old policies or articles are no longer in effect and will not be honored.

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Drayson Center Policies