How long is the lap swimming pool?

The lap swimming pool is 25 yards long. There are 10 lanes available for lap swim.

Are the pools chlorine or salt water?

All pools use a liquid chlorine filtration system.

Is the lap swimming pool heated?

Yes, the lap swimming pool is heated during the fall, winter and spring months. During the summer the pool's temperature is affected by the sun and other environmental factors, so temperatures may be elevated.

What temperature is the spa?

The spa temperature is maintained at 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do I need to shower before using the pool?

Yes. We ask that all members and guests shower before entering the spa, lap pool and leisure pools. There are showers in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, the family restrooms, and an outdoor shower available for use.

Can I or my child(ren) use the pool before or after lessons/classes?

No. If you do not have a current Drayson Center membership, but are attending classes or lessons, you are ONLY able to enter the facility 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, and you must exit the pool immediately after your class or lesson. The same rules apply for minors.

During the Open Swim Season, if you or your child(ren) would like to stay at the pool either before or after your scheduled time, you may purchase a day pass or a season pass for Open Swim. Please see the current Aquatics Recreation Guide for pricing, dates, and times.

Can I bring pool toys and floaties to the pool during Open Swim?

The Drayson Center only allows Coast Guard approved life vests for children or adults. No other toys or flotation devices are allowed in the pool or surrounding areas.

What attire is appropriate for the swimming pool?

Everyone using the pool must be wearing swim attire. Cover-ups, shorts, and t-shirts are allowed to be worn over swim attire. Swim diapers are required for any child not potty trained.

What are the age requirements for the lap swimming pool?

Swimmers in the lap pool must be at least 16 years of age or older. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What are the age requirements for the spa?

Only guests 16 years of age and older are allowed in the spa. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

When is the leisure pool open?

The leisure pool is open during Open Swim in the summer, and only during scheduled Open Swim hours.

When is the water slide open and who can use it?

The water slide is open during the summer Open Swim season during scheduled Open Swim hours. Please view the Aquatics rules and regulations for all water slide rules.

When can I use the diving board, and what are the rules to use it?

The diving board is open during the summer Open Swim Season during scheduled Open Swim hours. Please view the Aquatics rules and policies for all diving board rules.


How do I sign up for intramurals?

All Intramural participants must create an account on our intramurals website -

LLU students must use their student ID number for their participant number and non-students must use their 8-digit birthdate and year for their participant number (ex. 03201995).

To create a team, click on the “Create a Team” link or the link of the sport you wish to play. Once your team is created, you will be able to invite your friends to join your team via email.

How do I join a team?

Log into your account and click on the “Join a Team” link or icon. Choose your sport and you will see a list of teams. Click on the name of your team and enter the “Team Password” you received from your captain. You must click “Yes” to “Accept the Terms” and type your name as it appears on your account in the “Electronic Signature” box. You will then be added to the team's roster.

How much does it cost for my team to play Intramurals?

A student team which consists of all LLU affiliates (ex. students, spouse and teaching faculty) is FREE! Non-student team costs vary depending on the sports.

Fees are shown at the time of registration.

If a student registers a team, fees are automatically waived. If you have any non-students on a “student” team, a $25 fee for each non-student will be added to the captains shopping cart and must be paid by the captain. Those players should pay their fee to the captain.

What divisions and leagues are offered?

We offer Division 1, which is a more competitive level and Division 2 which is designed to be less competitive. We offer Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec leagues in most sports.

Can I play on more than one team?

Yes. We only request that if you are playing in Division 1, you don’t play in Division 2 as we try to keep the leagues fair in competitive balance. You may participate in a Men’s and Co-Rec league or Women’s and Co-Rec, etc. You must be a registered member of all teams you play on.

Who is allowed to play intramural sports?

Intramural players must be 18 years of age or older.

Intramural leagues are open to all members and the community.

LLU students have first priority for our intramural and recreational leagues.

Because the Drayson Center is open to the community, we allow non-student/community teams to participate in our leagues as well. Non-student/community teams may be screened before league entry.

How can I join a team as a free agent?

You must register on the intramurals website and fill out the free agent information. If you get contacted to play by a captain, you must obtain the team password information from them to join their team. If not contacted, you may come to the Drayson Center on the first night of league games and check with different teams to see if they need additional players. If selected, you must follow the same procedure to join their team as listed above. Any fees must be paid to the team captain.


Is the Drayson Center ADA accessible?

Yes, the Drayson Center is designed to be fully accessible to everyone, with the exception of minors. Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible and the weight and cardio rooms have several machines designed for wheelchair-bound guests. We also have a wheelchair lift on the pool deck to aid entering and exiting from the lap swimming pool.

Minors are not allowed in the facility unless physically accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at ALL times. Minors are not allowed in the weight room, cardio room, and may not use any of the equipment in the hallway under ANY circumstances. Minors 16 years or older may use the lap lanes in the pool, but must have a Minors Membership and be with a parent or guardian at all times.

How can I reserve a racquetball or tennis court?

We take reservations for the racquetball and tennis courts beginning at 6:00 am of the day before, no sooner.

Reservations are made through the Intramural Room.

We allow each member to reserve one court per phone call, per day. Racquetball courts can be reserved for one hour per person, per day. Tennis courts can be reserved for two hours per person, per day. All reservations are made on the hour.

All reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis, and are held for fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time. If the court is not in use by fifteen minutes after the hour, the reservation no longer stands and the court becomes available for anyone to use.

Where can I leave my belongings?

The Drayson Center has several sets of lockers throughout the facility, including in the men's and women's locker rooms. These lockers are available for day use only. You must bring your own lock to keep your belongings safe during your workout. Anything left in the day use lockers at the close of the day will be removed by Drayson Center staff members and placed in lost and found.

Rental lockers are also available in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. A lock is provided with all rental lockers. Check current pricing.

Do I need to sign up for classes?

All group exercise classes are included with your Drayson Center membership. You do not need to sign up for the classes ahead of time, however we do recommend that you arrive a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

If you are interested in any of the recreation classes that we offer at the Drayson Center, you would need to register in the Membership Office prior to the scheduled start date.

Is there a time limit when using the exercise equipment?

All weight and cardio equipment carry a 30-minute time limit. We ask you observe these time limits out of respect for other patrons.

Can I bring a jump rope?

We do not allow jump ropes anywhere inside of the facility. Due to the negative impact they have on the floors, we ask that you do not use them indoors, however if you would like to use a jump rope outside, you are more than welcome to do so.

What food and drinks are allowed in the facility?

We do not allow any food or drinks, aside from water, inside the facility. Water must be carried in a sports container with a lid at all times. Food and other drinks are allowed in the grassy area by the pool; however, all members and guests are responsible for cleaning up or reporting any debris.

Day Pass

How can I get a guest pass?

Day passes are available for purchase online for $8 at or in the Membership Office for $10 and are valid for the duration of the business day on which they are purchased. 

All guests must be 18 years of age or older and present a government-issued form of identification (driver license, ID or passport). Other forms of ID will not be accepted. All guests must sign a waiver of liability before entering the Drayson Center.

How many guests can I bring to the Drayson Center?

Members are allowed to bring as many guests as they choose.


Where can I sign up for a membership?

You can sign up for a Drayson Center membership in the Membership Office. It is the first door on your left, when you enter through the main entrance.

Membership Office hours

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 1:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

What do I need to sign up for a membership?

LLU Students & LLU Health Full-Time Benefitted Employees

If you are student or employee at Loma Linda University, you need to bring your employee or student ID badge. Employees must typically wait until the first Tuesday after your first paycheck before your information and employment status will appear in our computer systems.

Spouses & Dependents

If you are the spouse or a dependent of an LLU student or LLUH employee, you will need to come in with the employee and/or student to sign up for your membership. Spouses and dependents must provide a copy of a marriage or birth certificate. A parent or legal guardian is responsible for completing an application for a minor. Proof of guardianship may be required.


If you are an alum of LLU, you will need to provide a copy of your diploma or transcripts to verify your alumni status.

If you are the spouse or dependent of an alum, you will need to come to the Membership Office with the him/her to sign up for your membership. A copy of your marriage or birth certificate is required. A parent or legal guardian is responsible for completing an application for a minor.


PossAbilities members will need to provide a current PossAbilities membership card to receive the PossAbilities discount. Your membership card is needed each time you renew your membership for you to continue receiving the PossAbilities discount.

For a community membership, simply bring your driver license to our Membership Office, located in the Drayson Center.

Can I bring my children to the Drayson Center?

We offer a Minor Membership for children ages 16-17 years. In order to sign up for this membership, you would need to bring in a copy of the child’s birth certificate. A parent or legal guardian is responsible for completing the application for any minor. Proof of guardianship may be required. Minors are not allowed in the facility unless physically accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a valid Drayson Center membership at ALL times.

Minors are not allowed past the turnstiles unless they are enrolled in a class or lesson, possess a minor membership (and are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian), or possess a summer Open Swim Pass. Exceptions include special events and intramural spectators. Children are allowed to enter the facility as spectators for Intramural games ONLY when accompanied by a non-participating parent or legal guardian.

Does the Drayson Center offer childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not offer child care at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are working to design programs especially for parents and their children. Check back for upcoming child and parent classes.

Can I sign someone else up for a membership or class?

The Drayson Center requires all adult members to be present in the Membership Office to complete the membership application or class registration process. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for completing all applications and registrations for minors. Proof of guardianship may be required.

What forms of payment does the Drayson Center accept?

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Loma Linda University requisitions
  • Student charge

What is the Drayson Center’s refund policy?


There will be a $25 non-refundable service charge for a refund on a 3-month membership or larger, and the time remaining on the membership will be prorated. There will be no refunds for less than 3-months.

Returned Checks

There will be a $25 service charge on all returned checks.

Replacement ID

There will be a $5 charge to replace lost Drayson Center ID cards.

Can I place a hold on my membership?

The Drayson Center will not place a hold on any membership, except for medical emergencies. In the event of a medical emergency, you must present a letter from your physician stating you are unable to use the Drayson Center. Upon your return, you must present a second letter releasing you to resume use of the Drayson Center. Once a membership has been placed on hold, you will no longer have access to the facility until released from medical leave.

Does the Drayson Center offer trial memberships?

We offer a two-week Trial Membership for $25. This pass allows you unrestricted access to the Drayson Center and its facilities during a two-week period. This individual trial membership is available only for new patrons who have never purchased a guest pass or other form of membership.

How much is a Drayson Membership?

We offer multiple membership types and discounts. Please see our Membership page for details.

COVID-19 & Masks

Do I need to wear a face mask?

All COVID-19 requirements are currently lifted. COVID-19 requirements are subject to change in response to LLUH campus, county, and state protocols as they evolve.