Members of the Loma Linda University Drayson Center administrative team are here to serve your fitness, recreational, and wellness needs.

Pictured above are (front row, from left) Josie Delgado (no longer a Drayson employee); Jennifer DeWitt, manager, customer engagement; Bess Getman (no longer a Drayson employee); Richard Wysong, MBA, interim director and manager, facilities; Brandy Juarez, administrative assistant, events; Paige Payne, lead lifeguard, aquatics; (back row, from left) Larry Kidder, MA, communications specialist; Edwin Jones, MS, manager, intramural and recreation; Mike Rister, MS, manager, aquatics and fitness; Blake DeShields, MBA, manager, finances; Chris Delgado, supervisor, intramural and recreation; and Marco Lopez, supervisor, facilities. (Note: this photo was taken in October of 2021; Kimberly Knowlton, the new director, and Lori Langford, the new manager of events and senior wellness, are pictured below).

The director and managers are listed below and may be reached by calling 909-558-4975 or via email.

Kimberly Knowlton, DrPH, MSPT

Richard Wysong, MBA
Manager of Facilities

Jennifer DeWitt
Manager of Customer Engagement

Edwin Jones, MS
Manager of Intramurals

Lori Langford
Manager of Events and Senior Wellness

Michael Rister, MS
Manager of Aquatics and Fitness

Blake DeShields, MBA
Manager of Financial Administration