Waterslide repairs
By lkidder - April 4, 2023

By Larry Kidder | The waterslide tower is currently in pieces, being paintstakingly sandblasted, primed, and soon to be painted a rich blue.

Loma Linda University is investing in major repairs to the aquatics area, including an overhaul of the main pump for the lap pool as well as the waterslide tower.

Waterslide repair

The waterslide superstructure receives a coat of primer, which will soon be followed by a rich, blue paint.

The intended result will be a much-improved experience for our members who enjoy aquatics activities. With Drayson Center less than two years away from its 30th birthday, it is requiring some tender loving care to update and upgrade various parts of the facility.

For our diehard swim enthusiasts—who manage to swim even when the temperature dips into the 40s—thank you for your patience and understanding.

It won't be long before the pool deck is brimming with people as the summer days become warm and our 2023 Summer Swim season shifts into high gear (mid-June). Don't forget to sign up your children beginning April 10. And be sure to send any potential lifeguards our way.

The resulting improvements should be well worth the wait.

Empty pool

In a matter of weeks, the lap pool pump will be restored and the pool refilled. The system will run for a short period in order to normalize the water and ready it for swimmers.

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