Welcome Back, Students!

By Larry Kidder | The Drayson Center administrative team would like to welcome you back to a new school year.

Young Chess Wizards Hone Their Moves at Drayson

By Larry Kidder | Chess Wizards participants Emily (left) and Ariana (right) "battle it out" in an intense chess match. Actually, they look like they're enjoying themselves.

Superfield Receives 175 Tons of Sand

By Larry Kidder | In order to keep the Superfield healthy and thriving, 175 tons of sand are being added. The sand will help with aeration and drainage. Scroll down for more.

Full Plate Diet: Approaching Food Differently

By Larry Kidder | Hildemar Dos Santos, PhD (standing, right), director of the Office of Preventive Care, shares information to 16 of the 20 participants enrolled in the Full Plate Diet Study.