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By lkidder - February 6, 2023

By Larry Kidder | The phrase, "Fulfilling the Vision 1905–2005," was removed from the rounded corner wall that greets members and visitors in Drayson Center's lobby, and has now been replaced by a new logo.

The phrase, "Fulfilling the Vision 1905–2005," has adorned the front rounded corner in Drayson Center's lobby since the 100th anniversary of Loma Linda University Health in 2005. Wear and tear over nearly two decades has resulted, with people touching and damaging the letters, as well as soiling the wall surrounding them.

The Loma Linda University Health motto, "To make man whole," was displayed on a second rounded wall just beyond the Service Desk. The motto had also seen significant wear and was replaced by a large television screen some years back.

In 2020, "Fulfilling the Vision" was removed from the lobby wall with plans to replace it with Drayson Center's 25th anniversary logo. With the centennial celebration nearly two decades ago, it seemed the best time to update the wall. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put these plans on hold.

Within the past month, the wall was repainted by Campus Engineering to cover old ghosted lettering and prepare the area for the new logo. Produced by Wall Decal World, the new logo was affixed to a special transfer backing. Phillip Loeak, Drayson Center's maintenance technician and general "fix-it" person, applied the new logo to the lobby wall. As you enter Drayson Center, you can't miss it.

Wall logo vertical

"In the past," says Richard Wysong, MBA, facilities manager, "a number of proton patients would take photos in front of 'To make man whole,' since it reminded them of their journey with proton therapy and learning a new, healthier way of living."

He hopes the new logo will provide a photo spot for proton patients and others who want to commemorate their wellness experiences at Drayson Center.

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