New Tennis Directory is Out

By Larry Kidder | The new DC Tennis Directory is out. Nearly 50 tennis enthusiasts have already signed up.

Latest COVID-19 Protocols in Place at Drayson

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven quite unpredictable and, as new cases of variant strains impact populations around the globe, we may need to make quick adjustments for local fluctuations in cases.

Long-time Drayson Center Director Retires

By Larry Kidder | Loma Linda University Drayson Center's longest-serving director, Donald Sease, speaks with friends and colleagues near the end of his retirement party, held on Thursday, July

COVID Restrictions at Drayson Center Continue

By Larry Kidder | We know it is difficult to wear a mask while exercising and, while this policy may be different than other gyms at present, it is a campus-wide requirement and non-negotiable.