Beach Volleyball
By lkidder - September 22, 2023

By Larry Kidder | Edwin Jones (right), intramurals manager for LLU Drayson Center, and Chris Delgado, intramurals supervisor, place the two volleyball net antennae on the beach volleyball court nearest the Superfield.

A complete overhaul of the two beach volleyball courts in Drayson Center's Harder Park is nearly complete. Four poles have been entirely replaced, along with the nets, antennae, and boundary lines. Padding for each of the four poles has been added to make the courts safer and more user-friendly.

Jones says brand-new barriers are on the way. As soon as they arrive, they will be installed.

The two courts feature high-quality beach sand that is ideal for bare feet and diving for digs.

Courts without nets

This view of the two beach volleyball courts shows the brand-new poles with no nets.

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