Sportball introduces fundamental concepts of soccer, T-ball/baseball, and beach volleyball, and teaches skills needed to play each sport with confidence. During each week, children progress through a variety of age-appropriate skills using fun, exciting, skill-focused play. Older children benefit from game strategy, ball control, and positional play instruction. All kids will have the opportunity to put their skills to work in fun, friendly games. Parent participation is required in classes for children ages 2 and 3.

More sports

We offer sport-specific classes, in addition to our renowned early-years multi-sport programs. And we’ve recently integrated semi-competitive classes and fitness programs for older children.

More skills

Ball, racket, or net … our expertly coached, skill-based programs are designed to promote physical literacy and build self-confidence, so every kid can get in the game—and stay in the game.

More Fun

Kids learn best when they’re having fun, and they have more fun when they’re at the top of their game. That’s why we’re passionate about keeping the play in ball.

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Programs Offered

Sportball: Soccer

In this fun-filled program, children will learn a variety of fundamental soccer skills including dribbling, throw-ins, passing, shooting, goalie work and more. Kids will be given the opportunity to REFINE, REHEARSE & REPEAT skills that are age appropriate and put those skills to work in an exciting non-competitive game. Each class will include a variety of skill progressions as well as a fun, high-energy activity designed to encourage team work and social skill development. Offered for ages 3.5-5, and 5-9. New Classes Begin Sunday October 20 - December 15, 2019

Sportball: Multi-Sport

Children will have a blast learning and playing eight different ball sports (basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, flag football, and golf) in this multi-sport program. By exposing children to a variety of different sports, coaches are able to spark new interests and focus on developing the core skills common to all developing athletes (balance, coordination, stamina and timing). Each week children will play a different sport and learn and practice their fundamental skills in a fun, supportive non-competitive setting that emphasizes learning and teamwork. Offered for ages 2.5-3.5, Parent participation is required. New Classes Begin Sunday October 20 - December 15, 2019

​Sportball Junior

Focuses on the beginning stages of physical literacy and social exploration. Toddlers learn fundamental sport and gross motor skills as they participate in creative games, songs, rhymes, stories, bubble time, and more. Trained Sportball coaches lead the class in a way that challenges children according to their individual skill level, and teaches grownups techniques to help toddlers refine motor skills while developing social skills. Offered for ages 16months-2.5years, Parent participation is required. New Classes Begin Sunday October 20 - December 15, 2019