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Open Play Schedule


Summer Hours (May-Oct): 6:00-8:00PM—(1, 2 & PC) Open Play
Winter Hours (Nov-Apr): 4:00-7:00PM—(1, 2 & PC) Open Play


7:00-9:30PM—(1, 2 & PC) Open Play


8:00-9:30AM—(1, 2 & PC) | Seniors Open Play

7:00-9:30PM—(1, 2 & PC) Open Play


7:00-9:30PM—(1, 2 & PC) Open Play


8:00-9:30AM—(1, 2 & PC) | Seniors Open Play

7:00-9:30PM—(1 & PC) Open Play

Private Pickleball Lessons
Private pickleball lessons by request for 60 minutes or 90 minutes of instruction. For more information please contact the Membership Office at 909-558-4275.
1-Person Private Lesson: 60-minute SessionMember/Non-member$55
1-Person Private Lesson: 90-minute SessionMember/Non-member$80
2-Person Semi-Private Lesson: 60-minute SessionMember/Non-member$35/each person
2-Person Semi-Private Lesson: 90-minute SessionMember/Non-member$50/each person
3-Person "Three & Me" Lesson: 60-minute SessionMember/Non-member$30/each person
3-Person "Three & Me" Lesson: 90-minute SessionMember/Non-member$40/each person
4-Person Private Group Lesson: 60-minute SessionMember/Non-member$25/each person
4-Person Private Group Lesson: 90-minute SessionMember/Non-member$30/each person

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Loma Linda Pickleball Club (LLPC) Etiquette of Play

  • Please introduce yourself before every game.
    • Tap paddle handles at the conclusion.
  • Train side serves first…if you don’t know where the train is, just wait a few minutes.
  • Call the score loudly before you serve.
  • Call balls “out” on your side loudly.
    • Spectators should not call lines.
  • Immediately stop play when “ball on” is called.
    • “Ball on” should only be called if it is a safety issue or affects the point at that time.
    • Do not run onto another’s court to retrieve your ball. Please ask for assistance.
  • Winning team plays 2 games.  When multiple players are waiting, it is 4 off and 4 on after 1 game.
    • Use the Paddle Holders to the corresponding court to hold your place in line for next game.
  • Do not walk across the back of any court during a live ball.
    • Do not linger on a court before or after play.
  • Please refrain from profanity.  Alcohol strictly prohibited.  LLU is a non-nicotine campus.