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Team building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths and address weaknesses. They are also useful for improving team dynamics, building trust and facilitating communication. If you are interested in planning a team building activity at the Drayson Center, we are here to help! Our experienced staff and facilitators have developed a variety of activities adaptable for virtually any setting or group - young or old, large or small and across cultures. From relays to tug-of-war, we'll help you find activities your co-workers, classmates or team members will enjoy.

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Activities For Your Team

If you are interested in planning a team building event at the Drayson Center, we are here to help. Our experienced staff have created a group of activities that can be used in virtually any setting and customized for your group. Below is just a sampling...there's so much more!

Trough-N-Ball Relay
The object of this relay race is to control a rolling ball from one trough to another trough as the ball is moved from point A to point B on a course across the field. Each team will use one 10ft. trough, two 5ft. troughs, and a 90degree coupler to accomplish the challenge.
Swamp Crossing
Groups build a “Bridge” using two 2x6 by 8 foot planks. All team members are to organize themselves and get each person across the “Swamp” without stepping into the swamp. If anyone steps into the swamp during the trip over, all the “Swamp Travelers” on the plank must return back to “Start” and begin again!
Shoe Kick
Each team member has their turn at standing behind the kicking line to see how far they can kick off their shoes, one at a time. Points are scored by landing your shoes in the zones that have different point values. The total score is then added together.
Olympic Torch Relay
The first runners at the starting line are given the “Olympic Torches” to race to the other end of the field and make the exchange to another team member. They in turn race it back, make the exchange, and the race continues until all team members have carried the torch.
Tarp Manipulation
Use a 12x12 tarp for 8 to 12 people. That challenge is for the team to fold it into different shapes with everyone staying on the tarp, without stepping off. Once the folds are completed by all teams, the challenge continues with each team returning the tarp to the starting position before the next challenge is given.

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