Book Any of the Drayson Center Facilities for Your Next Event

The Drayson Center has several conference rooms available for hosting celebrations, meetings, conferences and much more. We are also able to schedule private pool parties and outdoor events. Our staff will help accommodate your event with chairs, tables and other resources.

All events held at the Drayson Center must be catered by the Loma Linda University Campus Catering department. For catering questions, please call 909-558-1000 ext. 88241.

Request a Reservation

For more information regarding availability and pricing, please contact:

Lori Langford

Manager for Events/Senior Wellness


The Drayson Center has several options available for you to store your belongings while you are working out. We have day-use lockers available throughout the facility that you are welcome to use at any time while you are in the Drayson Center. Lockers are located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, in the weight and cardio rooms, and outside of the basketball courts.

If you would like to use these lockers, we recommend that you bring your own lock to secure your belongings. All lockers are available on a day-to-day basis, however you may not leave anything in them overnight. The Drayson Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


If you would like to store your belongings at the Drayson Center for more than one day at a time, we have rental lockers available for your convenience. You may rent a locker for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. If you decide to purchase a locker rental for 1 year, you will receive an extra month for free! To rent a locker please visit the Membership Office.


Collins Auditorium 180-seat capacity (theater style)
120-seat capacity (banquet style)
84-seat capacity (classroom style)
Ideal for mid-size conferences/events
Permanent video projector
Satellite feeds through LLU Medical Center
Acoustic sound design
Martinson Conference Room 50-seat capacity (theater style)
32-seat capacity (banquet style)
30-seat capacity (classroom style)
Large retractable screen
Gair Conference Room 70-seat capacity (theater style)
64-seat capacity (banquet style)
36-seat capacity (classroom style)
Jetton Student Lounge/
Student Union
200-seat capacity (theater style)
160-seat capacity (banquet style)
90-seat capacity (classroom style)
Opsahl Gymnasium
Can be divided into 1/3 and 2/3 sections
Central air conditioning
Beach Volleyball Courts

2 regulation sand courts

Tennis/Pickleball Courts 4 tennis courts/8 dedicated pickleball courts
Well-lit (all courts lined for pickleball, up to 26 courts)
Racquetball Courts 3 courts
  • 1 plexiglass court
  • 2 solid-wall courts
Studio A and B Suspended wood floors
2 studios totaling 5,500 square feet
Training Pool 10-lane pool with diving board
Slopes from 3 to 12 feet
78 to 81 degrees year-round.
Leisure Pool 3 lanes
Handicap accessible slopes from zero to 4 feet
150-foot long water slide that is 22-feet high
Superfield Over 9 acres of field
Soccer field and nets
Flag football area
Professional softball diamond, dirt infield and dugouts
Other softball diamonds
Running track
Night time lighting
Additional Facilities Fritz conference room
Rosvall conference room
Bill's Place
Student Union
Horseshoe pits
1/2-mile outdoor dirt track