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Love it!!! So clean and beautiful. So many classes to choose from. Happy to be a member. Sandy B.

Fabulous gym 

The aerobics classes are great- especially recommend the Pilates, step aerobics, yoga and BATS. The classes they have are great. The pool is gorgeous-- large outdoor heated lap pool, hot tub, and water slide. The locker rooms are nice, large, clean and uncrowded. There's a huge outdoor track/complex with a dirt-track for jogging, soccer fields and tennis courts. There is also an indoor gym for pick-up and intramural Vball, Bball, etc. And there's an indoor track around the ceiling of the gym. It's awesome overall.

Esther H.

Awesome outdoor lap pool and separate pool for the kids! Nic T.

Clean. Friendly. Great classes. Lots of different things to allow for you to change it up if you want!! And free to LLUH employees and spouses! English G.

They provide great fitness options (like) basketball, racquetball and tennis, (and the) outdoor and indoor tracks. They also let you rent out equipment so you don't need to bring any for basic use. It's kept nice and clean. Overall, a great place to work out with variety. Kevin C.

I have tried the spin classes and I really like them. The teacher is great! Highly recommended! Tarah T.

I've been going here for 10 years now. (It is a) huge facility with great equipment, large flat screen TVs throughout the exercise rooms, and almost every amenity available - indoor/outdoor oval running tracks, 3 basketball courts, tennis, racquet ball courts, swimming pool & locker room, saunas, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and football fields, yoga, martial arts, dance classes and many more classes offered. They have (massage therapists) and personal trainers on staff as well. There's a good mixed crowd and is very rarely empty. Kevin G.

A great place to improve your overall health. Marlene H.

The outdoor track is pretty nice and you can get a great run without feeling crowded by other people. It goes around a sports field which is often used by intramural teams, so you can sometimes get a little show while running. Ethan N.

I like the fact that everyone you speak to is warm and inviting & makes working here worthwhile. Alexis R., Drayson Center Team Member

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