"Inactivity, poor and over-nutrition, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, inappropriate medication, stress, unsafe sexual behavior, inadequate sleep, risk-taking and environmental exposure (for example, sun, chemicals and the built environment) are significant modern causes of disease. New and adaptive approaches to health management are needed to deal with these complex factors." 

(Egger, Binns, & Rossner, 2011).

At the DC Office of Preventive Care, we focus on the modern lifestyles that lead to disease. Our professionals and interns will work with you individually and take care of your lifestyle needs.

The assessment taken and the information provided from the sessions can be utilized to maintain a high quality of life without significant health complications. Progress on adequate nutrition and body composition can be determined through subsequent sessions based on client’s personal wellness profile.

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What others have to say:


"This is an amazing program! I was able to successfully lose weight in a healthy manner and I have been able to keep it off"

Randall T.


"I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends"

Jessica F.


"On the advice of the [Office of Preventive Care], I include little bits of exercise during my day. I have decreased my body fat and increased my muscle mass! Because of the [office], I know that exercise is improving my health"

Rachel Y.


My experience going to the [Office of Preventive Care] has changed my life. the approach was personal and the advice was easy to follow. I will recommend this program not only to lose weight, but especially to change to a healthier lifestyle"

Doris D.