Short videos to inform and improve your member experience at Drayson

The Did You Know? series of fun videos is designed to help Drayson Center members enjoy the facility to the fullest.

Jennifer DeWitt, membership manager, explains the reasons why Drayson Center requires members to bring towels when using any exercise equipment. Watch this humorous video that features staff members illustrating the imporance of bringing a towel.

Ronald and Grace Drayson donated the proceeds from the sale of their mobile home park on Redlands Boulevard to provide the major gift that funded Drayson Center. Since the beginning, students have been the primary users of the facility and its programs, though employees and community members were invited to join them years ago. This video welcomes back the students for a new school year and shares a historical perspective.

The annual maintenance of all wood floors in Drayson Center takes place each December, during Loma Linda University's Christmas break. When students return in Janurary, the floors have been restored to their original lustre and tackiness. This annual maintenance, along with complete sanding down to the wood and repainting each 10-15 years, has kept Drayson Center's original floors in excellent shape.

Setting up your Fitpass is a simple process. Jennifer DeWitt, membership manager, walks you through the process and into Drayson Center, avoiding the necessity of finding your keytag or school ID each time you visit the facility.

Come rain or shine, you'll know what's happening up to the moment at Drayson Center. All you need to do is visit the website at, Instagram @draysoncenter, Facebook /draysoncenter, or Twitter @draysoncenter. There's no reason to show up at the facility if the area you need to use is closed for weather, repair, or maintenance.