Valentine's Day 2024
By lkidder - February 23, 2024

By Larry Kidder | The annual Valentine's Day Luncheon took place right in the middle of Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2024. More than 100 seniors were on hand to celebrate. Scroll down for more photos.

Loma Linda University Drayson Center's Senior Wellness Program presented two special events on back-to-back Wednesdays. On Wednesday, February 14, more than 100 seniors attended a Valentine's Day luncheon, held in the Student Lounge.

Essential Oils Presentation

Tanya Frederick, head of The Treatment Centre at Drayson, shares a second passion of hers: essential oils. Tanya leads a team of medical massage therapists.

Exactly a week later at about the same time of day, the latest installment of the monthly Senior Wellness Series was also held in the Student Lounge. Titled "Intro to Essential Oils," the wellness class was presented by Tanya Frederick, head of The Treatment Centre at LLU Drayson Center on Wednesday, February 21, at 11:30 a.m. The powerful effects of various essential oils were demonstrated, including the ability to improve mood and concentration.

If you missed either of these events and you're a senior member, we want you there next time. These events are planned for you to both socialize and learn more ways you can improve your health. See you next time!

Terry Ingram

Terry Ingram, a member of the Senior Wellness Program planning committee, addresses the Valentine's Day Luncheon attendees.

Guests at a table

Food, fun, and fellowship were definitely on the menu.

Skye Scheer

Guests were treated to a dramatic skit with Skye Scheer, an LLUH employee, who played the role of Noah's wife on the Ark.

Bronwyn Haviland

Singer Bronwyn Haviland shared romantic songs from yesteryear.

Essential Oils Presentation

As many as 50 people have attended various monthly senior wellness presentation. Once a month, the presentations take place on the third Wednesday in Drayson Center's Student Lounge. Watch for details.

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