Superfield sand
By lkidder - July 10, 2018

By Larry Kidder | In order to keep the Superfield healthy and thriving, 175 tons of sand are being added. The sand will help with aeration and drainage. Scroll down for more.

Onlookers may wonder what's happening to the Superfield. Is Drayson Center turning it into one giant beach volleyball court? Actually, the sand is a key ingredient to the rest and rejuvenation of the Superfield, which will reopen on September 9.

Aeration (basically poking holes in the sod) will allow the sand, water, seed, and fertilizer to work their magic in preparing the field for its upcoming 10 months of heavy use.

Flag football, soccer, softball, and ultimate frisbee are some of the activities that will take place on the Superfield. In the spring, a giant tent will serve as headquarters for Homecoming 2019. During the 2018 Super Graduation Sunday on June 10, hundreds of cars packed the Superfield, providing convenience for more than 10,000 parents, graduates, and other commencement participants.

So while the summer heat drives many of us inside, the Superfield is using the sunlight to grow and flourish.

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That's a lot of sand! The Superfield will receive 175 tons of it in the next day or so in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year.

It seems to take more time to load the sand than to spread it on the field.