Lori and Kim serving popcorn
By lkidder - January 3, 2024

By Larry Kidder | Would you like some fresh popcorn? Lori Langford, Drayson Center events and senior wellness manager, and Kim Knowlton, director of Drayson, have a bag of warm popcorn with just the right amount of butter and salt. It's all part of a week-long celebration of Drayson Center's 29th birthday. Just in time for 2024, a number of projects were completed to upgrade and improve the facility. Scroll down for additional photos.

As promised, we accomplished a number of improvements to Loma Linda University Drayson Center at the end of 2023. You will find the most prominent changes in the combined weight & cardio room, with a missing wall and a reconfiguration of equipment. New equipment is also on the way and will likely arrive mid-January.

Studio B will serve as an additional cardio room where a few of the cardio machines have been relocated. The area in the Possibilities hallway will still serve as an additional stretching and resistance training area.

A number of programs and services have been added to help round out your wellness experience at Drayson Center. A new aerobics schedule is available, and information about the new programs and services will be shared in the coming days, weeks, and months. Watch for announcements on our screens, signs, website, and social media. We don't want you to miss out in 2024.


The weight & cardio room has a much more open feel, now that the separating wall has been removed.


A number of additional pieces of equipment will arrive by mid-January. Be aware that some reconfiguration will take place—your favorite equipment may have moved. Be assured that our goal is to improve the weight & cardio room as well as add Studio B to the mix.

With old wall

Just as a reference, the weight & cardio rooms looked like this before the wall came down.

Shiny wood floors

If you noticed the wood floors look like new, you are correct: every wood floor in Drayson Center has received the annual maintenance that has kept the original floors in tip-top shape for more than a quarter century.

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