Rescuing a swimmer
By lkidder - February 26, 2024

By Larry Kidder | Being a lifeguard is a great summer job for young people to earn good money, learn excellent water skills, and work on a good tan—all at the same time. Drayson Center offers lifeguard certification classes for those interested in this great summer job. While taking the class at Drayson Center does not guarantee a job at Drayson Center, the summer aquatics team is largely chosen from those who complete the classes.

Lifeguards are in short supply—if Summer 2023 is any indication. This excellent summer job for those still in school has a multitude of benefits for both parents and their offspring who may want to goof off this summer. Lifeguard certification classes start soon at Drayson Center, so don't delay.

  • Session I: March 4-7
  • Session II: March 11-14
  • Session III: March 18-21
  • Session IV: March 25-28

Swim class

Class sizes are limited to 15 participants, so sign up soon—spots fill quickly. The weather may be chilly, but soon the sun will shine, the days stretch longer, and the heat index rise, motivating people to take a cool dip. And wouldn't it be great to have something to show for your summer, such as more money and a cool tan?

In addition, Drayson Center will offer a full schedule of swim classes this summer. Lifeguards will be needed to teach young people how to be water-safe and water-comfortable. If you've ever taken swim classes, remember the high regard you had for your swim instructor. You could be that instructor who will be remembered by your students; you could also be the one that protects them from a future accident in or around the water.

To find out more, call 909-558-4975, email, or click on the link.

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