Homecoming 2019 tent
By lkidder - February 27, 2019

By Larry Kidder | The white tent on Drayson Center's Superfield has become a familiar sight for the annual Loma Linda University Homecoming. Thousands of alumni and friends from eight professional schools will be on hand to reconnect with classmates, professors, and friends, as well as earn some continuing education units (CEUs).

Yes, it's that time of year again. Campus Engineering, Food Services, Drayson Center, and a host of other Loma Linda University Health departments are working feverishly at last-minute preparations for Homecoming 2019, following months of planning.

Drayson Center will host a number of Homecoming events, closing many parts of the facility to its student, employee, family, and community members. Great efforts will be made to quickly return the facility to its primary purpose—that of a recreation and wellness center—following the campus-wide festivities.

Please be patient while Drayson Center hosts Homecoming 2019.

If the giant screen overhead looks a little larger and the projection brighter and sharper, it is. This new projector, provided by Wyatt Video, is a brand-new state-of-the-art machine valued well over $100,000 and built in Austria.

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