Drinks provided by Drayson Center for Lunch on the Lawn
By lkidder - October 13, 2021

By Larry Kidder | Drayson Center administrators and staff hand out drinks to students following the first Wednesday chapel at Loma Linda University Church. The drinks went nicely with the burritos, provided by the LLU Office of Student Experience, on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

The tradition of the annual "Lunch on the Lawn" continued on Wednesday, October 13, following the first campus-wide chapel for incoming Loma Linda University students. Free burritos were distributed by the LLU Office of Student Experience, with complimentary water or fruit drink from Drayson Center to help wash them down.

Hundreds of students received their free burrito and drink as they headed back to classes across campus.

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Office of Student Experience staff prepare to serve burritos to the hundreds of students that will stream out of the LLU Church in just moments.

These students find a shady place to sit and enjoy their free burrito and drink—a major drawing card for the proverbial poor, starving student.

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